Some Distilled Warmth Please?


2015 is only ten days old, but yet we have already witnessed many unfortunate incidents unfold. From the AirAsia air crash to the merciless killings of Charlie Hebdo journalists and the much less publicised school massacre in Pakistan, our world seemed to have plunged into an abysmal darkness.

These sufferings are often brought about by the cynicism that breeds in the deepest pits of the human heart. The fear and anger that is permeating through our crumbling society threatens the already patched up fabric of peace that we hold on to dearly.

What we need now is a little love and compassion, the medication and silver bullet to our ailing society. Do yourself, your colleagues, your friends or even that stranger with a persistent gloomy countenance a favour, shower them with the warmth that they need. Make our worldly habitat a better place to live in.


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