Spruce at The Fire Station

Tenants often come and go at The Fire Station. One of the main reasons for such a high turn over rate is probably due to its location. There are hardly any shopping malls in the vicinity and you must be out of your mind to even consider Bukit Timah Shopping Centre a place for your weekend retail therapy. So I was really surprised when Spruce decided to spring an outlet here.

Words coming from my friends suggest that Spruce is a must try place.  What’s more, the fact that it is situated adjacent to my home gave me the perfect reason to indulge.

Again, for the umpteenth time, E got herself Eggs benedict, Crab Cake Eggs Benny ($25.00) to be exact. The concept was a refreshing one. We have never come across Eggs Benedict served with crab cakes. After getting used to the initial “unique crab odour”, for the lack of better words, the crab cake was a joy to savour.

I was more adventurous. I opted for the Spruce Garden Brekkie ($18.00) which consisted of exotic goat cheese served on thinly sliced tomatoes and avocados. My initial thought after a few nibbles of the goat cheese with tomatoes and avacados was, yeah, I shouldn’t have come out of my comfort zone and try something that I seldom attempt. This is really not to my liking. A few mouthfuls my dislike for this order was confirmed. But I believe it’s just me being picky.

I left the place with mixed feelings. On the one hand, Crab Cake Benny was quite the superb Eggs Benny on the other hand the serving portion was a little small. Also, it wasn’t the cheapest brunch that we have had. However, I must add that having a meal at the used to be fire station is a nice feeling. The place has a nice design and was bathed in lots of natural sunlight but was tad noisy.

Spruce is located at:

274 Upper Bukit Timah Road

Tel: +65 6466 5582


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