Apple Strudel – The Making

Happy Call Double Sided Pan has been making waves since its inception 2 years ago. It is really a gem in the culinary scene because this non-stick pan can also double up as a pressure cooker, allowing your food to be cooked in quick time.

E has been pretty inspired lately. While plowing through the net, she discovered that practically everything can be prepared on this magical pan. So with enthusiasm like little kids, we decided to get our hands dirty and hopefully treat ourselves to some edible Apple Strudel.

The ingredients required are pretty basic actually. The only component that may prove tricky to obtain will be the the puff pastry. There were not many choices available and we ultimately settled on Pampas, which seems to be only available at larger scale supermarkets (We got ours at NTUC Finest).

Ingredients (Makes 3 palm sized Apple Strudels)

1) I pack of Pampas Puff Pastry (In block form that needs to be rolled)

2) 1 egg for the egg wash

Apple Filling


1) 2 Fuji Apples (cubed)

2) 260ml of water

3) 90g of brown sugar


1) 60ml of water

2) 2 Tablespoons full of Corn Flour


1) 20 grams of butter

2) 1 Teaspoon full of brown sugar


1) 10 Tablespoons full of Corn Flour

2) 2 egg yolks

3) 6 Tablespoons full of brown sugar

4) 250ml of milk


Apple Filling

1) De-skin the apples

2) Get your sharpest knife and cube them apples.

3) Boil the contents in (A) for 15 minutes or until the apples are soft. Keep the lid of the Happy Call closed to quicken the process.

4) Mix the contents in (B) well. Add the mixture into (A).

5) Stir well and allow the contents to thicken.

6) When the mixture has thickened, switch off the fire and add (C). MIx well.

7) Set the readied apple filling into a bowl.


1) For the preparation of custard, we only require egg yolks.

2) Add the yolks, corn flour and sugar into a bowl.

3) To prevent clumping, SLOWLY pour in fresh milk as you stir.

4) Slowly pour the contents into the Happy Call Pan. Heat over a small fire.

5) Things can get quite tricky here. The key is not to allow the custard to stay in the pan for long. Once the contents turn gooey, its time to get them out of the pan.


1) Roll the Pampas pastry.

2) And again…

3) Slice the pastry to the required sizes for the crust.

4) Glaze each Pampas pastry with egg wash before placing them into the oven.

5) Bake then at 180 degrees C for about 10 minutes or till golden brown.

The finishing touches

Lastly, build your Apple Strudel.

The process from start to finish was not too difficult but tedious. E and I certainly had fun and we hope you will have yours too while attempting this.


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