Singapore Garden Festival 2012 – Asia’s Best Garden and Flower Show

You don’t have to be a green finger to be captivated by the sights and sounds of what Singapore Garden Festival 2012 has to offer. This event showcases award winning designs from around the world, ranging from fantasy themed gardens to elegantly decorated homes. There is something for everyone, whether you are serious enthusiast, an amateur gardener or just looking for some plain fun.

It’s never too early to groom the next generation of flora lovers. These kids here had a whale of a time at the exhibition.

Facets of the past were brought back to live through the exhibits. Kampongs, which translates into villages in English, were the main residences of the people of Singapore many years ago. Back then, families prided themselves on building a beautiful garden much for their enjoyment. Here, we were given a history lesson of the many plants and trees that the communities favoured.

The Festival offered some really great bargains as well. Orchids were really popular at the event. I detest the colour purple, but these beautiful orchids were simply calling out to me to have a picture of them taken.

Some shops offer really ingenious ways of growing plants. Little shrubs can be seen being grown on egg beaters and strainers.

The award winning gardens designed by renowned landscapist was the highlight of the event. I felt that the engaging fantasy themed garden really transported myself into a fairy tale setting.

Another great spectacle was the kaleidoscope of plants. A refreshing and novel way to showcase flowers.

Some people go one better. Besides taking pictures of the colourful showcases, they use it to their advantage by utilizing them as a backdrop for portraits of their dolls.

The designs for the balconies were nothing short of resplendent. The three themes above were my favourites.

Being a garden city herself, I have not seen designs and decorations so outrageously and gorgeously done up in the streets of Singapore. The Singapore Garden Festival 2012 really opened up possibilities and ideas for that perfect decor and design.


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