Perfecto Celebrato

The day was set. Preparations were already in full swing. When I say full swing, I mean catching less than 4 hours of good sleep each day just to work on the wedding decorations, favours, cutting flowers, writing of speeches and what nots. But no, I am not referring to myself, I am not blessed with enough artistic talent to see through this whole project single-handedly. Consequently, this “gift” of E’s to her sister, Pam has drawn much accolades from the people who attended the wedding and of course my due respect!

Wedding favours.
We had a whole arsenal of them.

The wedding favours were, in my opinion, the most tedious of them lot. These pretty little things were highly customized. Each glass bottle came with 20 Hershey’s Kisses, with each chocolate emblazoned with a sticker to celebrate the marriage of the couple. The bottle cap was wrapped elegantly with daintily decorated art paper and finished with twines and a lovey-dovey amusement park like ticket.

The reception.

We tried to keep the reception table simple and clutter free and here it is.

The chairs along the aisle were enlivened to give a garden theme feel to it. An organza sash was secured to a photo-frame (no, your eyes are not playing tricks on you). Five roses and a couple of million stars were planted between the spaces of the sash to spruce things up. It worked perfectly!

The table where it all happened. No room for errors here!

Food, glorious food. The highlight? Desserts.

Mich and HQ
Bride and Groom with the bride’s parents.

 All the hard work culminated to a successful wedding solemnization. E was so proud of her magnum opus and rightfully so.


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