Absolute Thai – Fizzled Like the Blandest Tom Yam

The day could not have started in a more unspectacular manner. The reservation that I have made at an Italian restaurant did not materialize and our Groupon vouchers for this restaurant are hanging in the balance with the expiry date drawing ever closer. We then traipsed down Orchard Road, wearing a scowl on my face, looking for food that would bring peace to our stomachs.

We were clueless and could not decide where to dine. Ultimately, we landed ourselves in 313@Somerset. After much deliberation, E and I walked into Absolute Thai, planted our bottoms on their seats and started placing our orders.

E got her favourite Green Curry with Chicken ($12.90). I am not certain, but we always had the notion that Green Curries often lacked the major spiciness and was friendlier for consumption with their sweet aftertaste. However, this one here was so potent that our taste buds screamed in protest while streams of perspiration rained down my temples. The potatoes were too hard for my liking as well. The overall spiciness sort of masked the taste of each individual ingredient. As such it is not enough to warrant this dish an enjoyable one.

What their dishes lacked in taste was not helped by the fact that they were poorly presented. Duck with Ginger and Onion ($14.90) was like the dish from your friendly neighbourhood zichar stall, except it lacked the quality. The duck slices were also few and far between which lacked any sort of discernable taste.

I love my Glass Noodle Salad. The melting pot of flavours from the mixture of spices with lime and Thai Fish Sauce is often a treat to savour. Glass Noodle Salad with Seafood ($12.90) was OK. I love the pretty colours of this dish and it tasted tangylicious.

Absolute Thai, absolute exorbitance and absolute disappointment. The prices of the dishes were really steep and quality of food did not justify their price tags. However, I am not going to take everything away from them. They do have nice waiters who were really attentive.

Absolute Thai is at:

313 Orchard Road, #01-29 313 @ Somerset

Opening Hours

Daily: 11.30am – 9.45pm

Tel: +65 6509 6623


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