Convenience with Domino’s Pizza iPhone App [Media Invite]

Anticipation griped me when I received the invitation to the launch of Domino’s Pizza iPhone App at the Singapore Flyer. Having heard of the brand for ages, I have to shamefully admit that I have yet to taste their pizzas. The event proved to be the perfect opportunity to pamper my deprived palate with some wonderful pizzas in which they have always prided themselves on. Also, with the launch of their new iPhone App, it has certainly made the placing of orders more convenient. With such an innovation now available, I believe I can get my hands on a piping hot pizza faster than you can say “Domino’s Pizza”.

 The good people at Domino’s Pizza gave us a heads up of what to expect from this app of theirs and boy was I impressed.

The layout of the app is very intuitive. The no confusion, fuss-free design enables you to spend less time flicking and tapping the screen of your iPhone and more time to lick your fingers with glee after your meal. Placing your order is so easy. In fact, it takes only a mere 1 minute and 16 seconds (as demonstrated “live” to us) to place your order through this app. Besides the convenience, you will be able to get a free topping when you place your order through the iPhone App. Wonderful!

Domino’s Pizza have stolen a march over their rivals when it comes to tracking your pizza that you have ordered. The Great Pizza Service (GPS) Tracker is unique to them, and as the name suggests, traces your pizza from the preparation stage to the time it hits the roads. This meticulous and genius of a service gives an assurance to customers that their order is on the way to quench those hunger pangs of theirs. Also, this system frees up more time for you so that you can walk the dog of yours   around the neighbourhood and not be late to fetch your order when it arrives. Absolutely brilliant!

The highlight of the event was probably the ride on the Singapore Flyer. The expressions on the bloggers faces could not betray how excited they were. There was this excursion-esque atmosphere that was reminiscent of my primary school days! It was my first time up the Flyer and to speak nothing but the truth, I was spellbound by what Singapore could offer when night fell. The view was simply mesmerizing from our capsule.

The day was rounded off perfectly with a spread that was both appealing to the sight and taste at O’Learys Sports Bar and Grill.

Domino’s Pizza have promised more discounts through the use of their app to order your food. In fact, coming very soon you can enjoy a 50% discount when you order through my blog using a special code that will be made available in a very short while so watch this space! In the meantime, get your FREE Domino’s Pizza App from the App store or log on to to do so.

Thanks OMY for this invite and Domino’s Pizza for your lovely pizzas. Cawabunga! to you guys, whatever that means.


One thought on “Convenience with Domino’s Pizza iPhone App [Media Invite]

  1. It’s great they got an app now shame it’s faulty and I am truly pissed off with dominos after 3 phone calls to them I am still waiting for a phone call and my money back as my order wasn’t placed but the money was took any way! I love dominos but this is fraud it’s the 4th time it’s happened to me and trust me I will not be using this again!!

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