Wild Honey – No place like home

I have been to Wild Honey twice now and each time it has not failed to live up to its lofty expectations. Many people concur that Wild Honey is the epitome of a perfect breakfast, the gold standard to live up to, the ultimate place to go to if you need a pick me up. Well, they are not wrong and it is not difficult to see why it deserves such accolades.

Most places that serve all day breakfast do not usually follow a certain cuisine. You have your usual Eggs Benny, Eggs Florentine and some other dishes that are often “mixed-and-match”, for the lack of a better word and that is it. Here at Wild Honey, they have a wide variety of breakfast that traverses the globe and each dish is distinct to one culture.

European ($18.00) is one of Wild Honey’s signature dishes. This one here was simply superb in every sense. The sautéed mushrooms were brimming with aromatic eloquence and moisture while the prosciutto slice was springy and smooth. The eggs were well done and dressed generously with Hollandaise sauce that threatened to be ever flowing. The dish was also served with two thick slices of fluffy brioche, which ensured you would enjoy a hearty meal.

Tunisian ($18.00) is also one of their signature dishes. It was one spicy pan of sizzling shashouka (tomatoes, onions, red pepper and chillies), Chorizo sausages and two eggs. The melting pot of different flavours was perhaps masked by the spiciness. Together with the brioche, the whole experience was almost like consuming a pizza. People in the the north of africa really have unique taste buds, especially considering them having this for breakfast! But nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised by this dish.

Wild Honey is a great place to hang out and enjoy your breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner, provided you can withstand the noisy atmosphere and the occasional breaking of glasses by careless waitresses. During weekdays, you stand a better chance of having a more serene ambience where you will be allowed to be lost in your own silent reverie. All in all, this is a great place to dine. It is a tad expensive but you can always justify the cost by sinking yourself into their comfy chairs (if you are lucky) and chat your afternoons away.

Business is brisk here, so prepared to wait for an hour before you get seats. The outlet at Scotts Square allows reservation but the one at Mandarin Gallery does not. So plan ahead I say or be deprived!

Wild Honey is at:

6th Scott’s Road, 3rd Floor (Scott’s Square)

Opening Hours

Mondays to Sundays

9.00 am to 10.00 pm

Tel: +65 6636 1816


333a Orchard Road, 3rd Floor (Mandarin Gallery)

Tel: +65 6235 3900


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