16:23 – Dumbstruck, unhappy countenance

I am not a natural when it comes to photographing people’s expression on the streets. I shoot with a 50mm and I guess people would not like a camera jammed straight in their faces and taking a picture of what comes after that. Well, I am working on this aspect, once or twice making my way up to them!

This blue shirted guy was going about his usual business when I thought I would take a picture of him. He seemed oblivious to my presence at first but he turned around when I was taking my third shot. I swear he was going to murder me by the looks of his expression. However, I managed to flash a smile at him and flipped the back of my camera to show him the shot that I had taken. Almost immediately, he flashed his pearlies at me and I knew that was an indication that everything was alright. Chill pill.

I have a sneaky feeling that his partner behind him knew about my presence and I guess he found the whole episode amusing.


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