16:05 – Kid and Mom.

Navigating through Little India in Singapore, is by no means a walk in the park. The streets are claustrophobically narrow, often requiring pedestrians to traverse in single file. Coupled with the dreadful weather, it is really the perfect frustration inducing recipe.

I knew beforehand that I was going to encounter such trying situations. However, I also knew that Little India was a photographer’s haven that is full of colour and had the tendency to spring a few surprises.

I was at the cross junction of Syed Alwi Road. This is a place where a lot of people congregate together after exiting Mustafa, a large departmental store which sells a huge variety of items. I chanced upon a mom and her kid. I do not know why, but this immediately brought back fond memories when I was a little more than a meter tall.

As parents, they always want the best for their children, without a shadow of a doubt. The growing up process is akin to the “kite” or “tree” analogy (both of which are roughly similar) which my mom always advocates (she still does now). I do not know where she got this from but kudos to her if she coined it up herself. She relates that we are like kites in the sky and at the end of string is them tugging and pulling the kite in the right direction so that we will always be high up in the sky fluttering. It took some time for my brain to accept this analogy of hers and when it did, I felt it bloody made a whole lot sense!

At any point when we needed them, be it to talk things out or for some comfort, they will always be there to guide and advise us. Unlike me, my parents never complain, not even when they were in the financial doldrums. They will always be there, to care and to love us. It is because of this, we tend to take their unconditional love for granted, which I admit, am guilty of it. It is something really sad.

Today, both my parents are old enough to be eligible for the senior citizens EZ-Link card. Their love for me has not wavered a bit but my perception of them has changed to one that is of utmost respect and admiration, not that I do not respect or admire them when I was younger but you know what I mean. As I pass each stage in life, I start to comprehend like never before the sacrifices they have to go through to bring me up and that it is truly amazing. Bless them.


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