Othello’s – Onward to Greenwood Avenue!

Once again, we have set foot on Greenwood Avenue. Slowly but surely, we will conquer all the eateries there. No joke, this place is so good. For starters, the rustic charm puts you in the mood to enjoy any meal of the day. We have not done brunch at Greenwood Avenue, so we thought we try it out today.

The plan was not to have Othello’s at first, but that is not important. We are suckers for all-day breakfast, like moths being attracted to torches and we are glad that Othello’s whipped up a pretty decent fare.

 The ambience was great. Everyone was cheery but not rowdy. It’s really a family place.

The Italian bread olive dip was complementary but it was nonetheless wonderful. The olive dip had diced garlic which enhanced the flavour of the condiment. It’s really like having garlic bread but this one is smoother and more balsamic. A great way to whet your appetite. Good job so far Othello’s!

It’s E favourite combination. Egg’s Benedict ($14.00) and Cappuccino ($5.50), no two ways about it! Eggs Benny was a humongous affair, a serving fit for two people. Special praise has to be reserved for their Hollandaise sauce which was lip-smackingly good. It left a tinge of savoury sour taste in your mouth after each bite.  However, the thick generous serving of Hollandaise sauce masked a major flaw. The poached egg was not well prepared. It almost resembled a semi-hardboiled egg with some of the yolk clumped together. In addition, the whites were a little too runny for our liking.

Their Pancakes ($10.00) are not the biggest that I have seen. Each slice was the size of my palm, while perfectly charred, the pancake still remained soft and fluffy on the inside. Drench them with maple syrup and these pancakes are your perfect pick me ups in the morning. With an additional $3, you land yourself with 2 pieces of Chipolatas as an accompaniment.

We kind of like this place. It is spacious yet cosy. We believe we could plant our butts on the seats and stay all day and watch the time pass by. Go ahead and have a pop!

Othello’s is at:

12 Greenwood Avenue

Opening Hours:


 11am – 11pm 


 8.30am – 1am 


 8.30am – 11pm
Tel: +65 6468 0939

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