Along Selegie – The Kachang Puteh Man

Back in the 50s and 60s, they can be found by the throngs, often making their presence felt in football stadiums, movie theaters and amusement parks. As the years roll by, their numbers dwindled. Presently, only a few of them can be found. I am talking about the Kachang Puteh Man. Translated from Malay, it literally means white bean man. They do not only sell white beans, but on the contrary offer a wide selection of roasted nuts and crackers. Some even go a step further, incorporating recently acquired delights such as the “corn cup” to their “arsenal”. The nuts/crackers/beans are then transferred into funnel shaped paper wrappers.

In those days, each serving cost roughly about 5 cents. Nowadays, it’s a whopping 70 cents. It’s well worth the money for a taste of the yesteryears.

I motioned for the Kachang Puteh Man to smile but he was dead serious with his work!


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