9/52 Weeks – Oh the Hiatus!

The break has been too long for my comfort and I was itching to come back with more pictures. The Final Year Project of my undergraduate curriculum had occupied much of my time in recent days. I hope to be back now since the bulk of the project has been completed. Wait, who am I kidding. I have been lazy and lacked serious motivation for any photography. I have been really critical of the pictures I take of late and sometimes the fire in me just fizzles out whenever the camera/me produce(s) a dud of a picture. As an amateur, I always compare my work with the best, always questioning my techniques and when I don’t get it right, it can be disheartening. I believe this happens to most of us and this is just part of the learning curve that I have to overcome.

I was out at Bencoolen Street in the afternoon. I needed to get my scientific poster printed for my presentation come Monday. While waiting for my poster to be printed, I explored the vicinity, hoping to rekindle my love for photography.

 P.S.: Space is a furniture shop that offers really artistic products that are visually arresting.


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