Tea Cosy

We ventured into the realms of High Tea today, for the first time in a few years. It was a refreshing turn from the numerous brunches that we had recently, and it was a welcoming one to be frank.

It was decors galore upon setting foot on Tea Cosy, so much so that it was a bit overbearing at times. The country/cottage theme was welcomingly pleasant. However, much work needs to be done on colour coordination for some parts of the restaurant which sometimes threatened to wreck the original theme. The concept of Tea Cosy is akin to the likes of Octa Hotel Cafe and Maison Ikkoku where you can browse their merchandize while enjoying your meal.

We recently changed our eating habits, preferring small portions in a wider variety rather than wolfing down the mains. With that in mind, we ordered their well publicized High Tea Set ($19.95). We had a choice between a seafood and a non-seafood set, we chose the former. Everything came in bite-sized portion which was friendly to our palates, without getting bored/tired of a single item. The items included grilled prawn cocktail, smoked salmon crostini, foie gras taster, turkey ham and pineapple crostini and bruschetta. In general, these were not really fantastic but they were not too bad also. I am sitting on the fence for this one!

For sweets, again, we had a choice between 3 miniature cakes and 2 English scones. We opted for the later, which were quite the perfect scones! They crumbled in your mouth with every bite and they were really sweet. Well complimented with a slab of butter.

For beverage, we had Tea Cosy Premium coffee which really was so-so. Nothing too impressive here.

Being a mushroom fan, I could not let myself pass on their Baked Mushrooms ($11.95), which was one of their signature dishes. Each mushroom had melted parmesan cheese and they were baked to perfect succulence. Really heavenly this!

The Clam Chowder Soup ($8.95) was not the usual cream based one. On the contrary, it was rather light and not too thick. We really liked the generous servings of finely diced clams thrown in.

I am not sure if I would recommend their high tea set but their signature dishes are a must try. If you enjoy dining at a quiet place in a shopping mall, this could be the ideal place for you to do so after some retail therapy.

Tea Cosy is at:

8 Orchard Road, #05-10 Plaza Singapura

Opening Hours


 11am – 9.30pm 


 11am – 10pm
Tel: +65 63419381 

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