Maison Ikkoku

Good things are always worth the wait and after a long hiatus from brunch, E finally found one that justified the long downtime. I am talking about Maison Ikkoku. It bears the same name as a seinen manga but that is where the similarities end. This place features a cafe, boutique and a bar, each situated at different levels. The boutique offers an array of chic men’s accessories and apparel.

We were really impressed by the decor of the cafe. It was unique. Furniture up the walls? Who would have thought of that?! For the record, the dinning tables were room doors that were extracted from well, rooms.

Despite it’s location, many customers still patronize Maison Ikkoku. The interior is slightly cramp but the ambience more than made up for it. The waiters were also chirpy and friendly. Armed with their own brand of quirkiness, some might just make your day with their humourous demeanor and jokes.

Signature Maison Ikkoku Latte

Their Signature Maison Ikkoku Latte($6.00) was heavenly. The beverage was frothy, thick and aromatic. The Cappuccino ($5.00) was a large cup but paled in comparison to the signature latte.

Break of Dawn
Salmon Florentine
Kong Ba Pau

You have got to try it to believe it but for now just believe me when I say this brunch was the best I have experienced thus far. Break of Dawn ($18.90) consisted of pork bratwurst that was so juicy with each bite. The crispy bacon did not disappoint though it was slightly on the dry side. The greens offered a refreshing taste to the assortment of ingredients.

Salmon Florentine ($16.90) was a welcoming change for E, who is a self-proclaimed Egg Benedictian. The Hollandaise sauce from Maison Ikkoku was a tinge different from the normal offering. Their secret ingredient, which in my opinion is garlic paste. The same one which we use on garlic bread. This resulted in a light tasting Hollandaise that suited our palate perfectly.

And what a surprise, they even had Kong Ba Pau ($3.00), which is basically a snack which consisted of fatty pork wrapped with bun.

Oh, what a place! Great food, people and ambience. Swing by if you have the chance and I am sure you won’t regret it. This place has different sets of food items. On weekdays, salads and sandwiches populate the menu while on weekends all day breakfast dominates it. So be sure to know what you want before heading down.

Maison Ikkoku is at:

20 Kandahar Street

Opening hours:

Mon – Thu

9am – 9pm

Fri, Sat & PH Eve

9am – 11pm

Sun & PH

9am – 7pm


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