6/52 Weeks

Angry? Don't be deceived.

Whenever a cat follows wherever you go, you sense that a good photo opportunity is at hand. This Calico cat was around my feet all the time while I was pacing up and down a back alley during a photo shoot. Being solitary creatures, I was quite surprised that this little fur ball quickly warmed up to our presence in the back alley. Perhaps, it needed food and water. Maybe just company. In the end, we sort of accomplished each other’s goal. He gave me a picture which I thought portrayed his friendliness perfectly and I was his friend for about half an hour.


6 thoughts on “6/52 Weeks

  1. I am in need of an “alley” cat pic for a band poster/ school project. I was wondering if I could use this if there was a credit line to you, I am sure there is a copyright on this. Thank You! Please email me or comment.

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