Come on my little Men!

Little men what's the rush?

Ah ha! Tilt-shift photography, so amusing and surreal, that one thinks that you must be armed with a tilty-swively glass to enable such images to be captured. That is true. But what if you can achieve such an effect (well, almost) without burning a hole in your pocket? Wouldn’t life be much easier?

Thanks to the good people at Tilt Shift Maker, you are able to do just that. The only thing that you have to worry about is the picture that you want to apply the tilt-shift effect on. Once you have uploaded your photograph to the site, you can adjust the various settings to your own preference to create the perfect tilt-shift image. Simples! There are even different bokeh effects that you may wish to consider to enhance your pictures. Wonderful!

Happy tilt-shifting!

P.S. The photo above was taken in Taipei at Beitou Metro station.


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