5/52 Weeks

This week’s photo of the week comes a tad early. I really enjoyed my time at Chip Bee Gardens (yes, this place yet again!), so I thought I wanted to post more photos!

Recently, I chanced upon a picture which made me realize how time really flies. It was a photograph in the early noughties which showed an iconic building in Clementi. This was the place which I usually hung out after school to fill my stomach with junk food and enjoy a couple of hours of video games before heading back home. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how sentimental or realistic you are), the sight of it can only be recreated in pictures for it is gone forever, being replaced by a swanky new mall.

I really like all things vintage and old. Pictures, cars, books, places, etc. They seem to convey certain messages to us. Messages in terms of memories that we tend to relate to very well. Which brings me to this week’s photo. I tried to create a picture that had a sense of time. Something that looked as though it was taken from yesteryears. I really like the post box and the heaps of dead leaves. To me, they scream nostalgia.


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