3/52 Weeks

This week’s photo(s) of the week uses a technique which I have always wanted to attempt but due to a busy schedule, I had to postpone my plans.

Zoom blur, as the name suggests, is basically shooting at very slow shutter speeds and concurrently turning your zoom ring as you allow the sensor to capture the image. Done nicely in the day, it really brings the subject out and creates a focus on it. I decided to try this technique at night, to capture light streaks produced by passing vehicles on the roads.

Zoom blur

The first picture was shot at f.22 and the exposure was 5 seconds long. The second frame was shot with the exact settings except this time, I turned the zoom ring as the camera recorded the image. As you can see, some of the elements of the picture were distorted, drifting away from its original position. The reason for shooting at such a small aperture was because I wanted the starburst effect from the street lamps to be portrayed, giving a sense of a comet like object hurtling through the sky!

And this is me, right in front of the camera!


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