Octa Hotel Cafe

Sometimes, deviation from your original plan can spring some pleasant surprises. Who says we need a plan all the time?

If you love high tea, you will adore Octa Hotel Cafe, which is a French inspired Japanese cafe. Girls will never grow bored of this place as there is a section dedicated to items ranging from small trinkets to accessories to kitchen ware to anything you can think of! However, be warned, they are rather pricey.

Full marks for presentation. Beautiful China set which housed my cuppa. In addition, I thought the idea of having a little biscuit complemented the beverage and it was unique and in a sense thoughtful.

The fusion of Japanese meticulousness and French flair meant that the French Toast ($13.90) was not only beautiful itself, it was also brilliant in taste. The toast was thick and laced with caramel and served with a generous dollop of custard. Berries of all kinds pepper the toast to make it a pretty looking serving. If you like all things sweet, this is something that you will have to try.

The Quiche ($12.90) was a lovely mix of aromatic mushrooms and chewy bacon. The crust was flaky and well baked. The inside was almost stew-like, moist and fragrant. Furthermore, two slices of toast that accompanied the Quiche had its own unique charred taste, which I must admit was amazing.

I love this place. A gem of a find! Its cottage style decor really looked enticing and warm. If you are an early riser, you may want to consider having their breakfast menu which lasts till 12 noon. E and I are making plans to check out their breakfast menu and we cannot wait!

Octa Hotel Cafe is at:

9 Raffles Boulevard, #P1-39 (Millenia Walk)

Tel: +65 6336 4614

Monday to Sunday

1030am – 930pm


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