Grill Out!

The sleepy and quaint Sunset Way is a treasure trove of eateries. One will never run out of things to eat, provided you can decide on one. It has been sometime since I went to Grill Out! The previous experience was a good one and I was longing to head back for some delicious Kurobuta.

Kurobuta or Black Berkshire, or Black Pig, as we so affectionately call it, is reared mainly in Kagoshima Prefecture. However, these pigs did not originate from the land of the rising sun. The story goes back to about 2 centuries ago. The English royals actually reared these pigs and they were free to roam in the fields of Castle of Windsor. Some of these pigs were later transported back to Japan by British diplomats.

What makes Kurobuta so distinctly different from your average pork is the sweetness and succulence of the meat. The layer of intramuscular marbled fat also enhances the taste. These unique characteristics are attributed to how the pigs are reared. A diet fit for human consumption is usually given to these pigs. Depending on the farmer, a diet consisting of oats, apples, corn and peanuts is provided. In addition, dietary supplements are also rendered. Another important aspect of Kurobuta breeding is that these pigs are allowed to roam around freely. I guess a healthy pig is a happy pig and a happy pig provides the best meat.

The Kurobuta Set Meal ($35.00) consisted of starters, the main course and dessert. The main course checked all boxes. Sweetness, tenderness and juiciness. Everything! The inside of the meat was a shade of dark red. Tantalizing. I am no connoisseur of good food but the best way to savour your Kurobuta is to just eat it on its own. No need for any barbecue sauce or other condiments.

The mushroom soup and buns were just alright and they whetted my appetite for the main course.

Raspberry dessert was rather ordinary and looked kiddish but it sort of added a closure to a fantastic main course.

At $35, it certainly isn’t a cheap meal. I thought the soup needed more flavour. As for the dessert, it really looked like a primary school party piece. That said, the Kurobuta was really well prepared and its the best pork that I have tasted. If you feel like having just the main dish itself, which I highly recommend doing so, will cost you $25.00.

Grill Out! is at:

Blk 106, Clementi St 12, #01-38E/50 (Sunset Way)

Tel: +65 6774 7001


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