En Japanese Dining Bar

“Could you please stop using flash, it’s really annoying”, snapped a beefy Caucasian lady as she walked away charcoaled face, rolling her eyes.

Photography is sometimes about trail and error. We take as many shots as possible in order to cover all possible angles, to capture the best lighting and compose our subjects properly. In essence, we do not want to leave any stones unturned. Flash photography has often been the bane of many restaurant patrons because it is, like what the lady said, annoying. It leaves you starry-eyed, uncomfortable and is undeniably distracting. That being said, photographers know that an external flash unit is an indispensable tool. It creates beautiful catch-lights, illuminates a dull scene and most importantly, it makes food look DELICIOUS! So please, next time when you happen to bump into me, bare with my flash and I will be done in a jiffy. I promise.

I have always wanted to try En Japanese Dining Bar out but was often skeptical about the price as I certainly do not want to be hit hard in the pocket. In addition,   the rather posh Japanese decor sort of added to my apprehension. E and I were on course to this small French restaurant at Serene Centre but it was found to be closed (weird). As fate would have it, we were in front of the Japanese restaurant before long.

The word “En” means fate in Japanese (I told you so!).

E had Salmon Don ($12.50). This colourful dish came with thick slices of Salmon sashimi and roe, seaweed shreds and Japanese picked ginger. The salmon itself left an indelible impression on me. The gorgeous fish slices were smooth and left a creamy aftertaste on the palate. Amazing experience. E was wolfing them down from the get go but was kind enough to offer them to me!

The Okinawa Soba ($11.50) had a very heavily flavoured Miso soup which I liked. The pork slices were very tender and each bite probably revealed how well seasoned the meat was. Perfect. If you have a small tank, you can have a down-sized version at $7.50.

When it comes to bacon, no one is able to resist. Enoki Bacon ($7.00) is similar to kebab. For this dish, bacon was used to wrap around the bundled golden mushrooms tightly. It offers a perfect blend of great flavour and juiciness. A great idea for BBQs!

Fate is a funny thing. It brings you to enjoy the best things in life and on the other hand lets you encounter unpleasant people (the flash photographer, me or the beefy lady). On that note, I am still glad I had the opportunity to taste such great food.

En Japanese Dining Bar is at:

557 Bukit Timah Rd
Crown Centre

Tel: +65 6468 5710

Mon to Fri 6pm to 11pm
Sat – Sun & PH
12pm to 3pm
6pm to 10.30pm


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