If you cannot decide whether you should have Western or Oriental cuisine, if the fusion between the former and the latter is what you yearn for and last but not least, you love seafood, why not give Hooked! a shot?

The menu is packed with a wide selection of dishes that is unique to say the least. We came across Shark Vindaloo, which is basically curry rice with shark meat, Salmon with Old Pak ChoiSteam Cod Thai Cantonese Style and more. Mind boggling.

The restaurant is sort of a family dining place with friendly staff and atmosphere. However, in terms of cosiness, it cannot hold a candle to some of the better decorated eateries that line Rail Mall.

Seafood Baked Rice

We were not too adventurous this time round so we thought a simple Seafood Baked Rice ($14.80) would suffice. We were not letdown by the serving. A good variety of seafood was thrown in the mix and the cheese that coated the the ingredients was springy and delicious. Past experiences have made me become skeptical of baked rice for the fear of having it served very wet and mooshy. However, I was glad that it turned out well, with the inside moist and rice still fluffy.

Spanish Seafood Paella

The Spanish Seafood Paella ($17.90) for one, is akin to Seafood Platter that Fish and Co serves, albeit more exotic. I love food that is full of colour and this one did not disappoint. While scoring high in presentation, it flopped when it came to taste. The seafood was fine but my only complaint was the rice which did not bring about much flavour considering the spices used in Paellas.

We did not try the unique dishes but I am sure we will be back to explore them in time to come. Hooked! has left a good impression on us and we definitely recommend it.

Hooked! is at:

390 Upper Bukit Timah Road (The Rail Mall)

Tel: 67655336

Tue–Sun: 12pm – 10pm


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