Agnès b Café L.P.G

One of the best cafés that I have been to? Without a shadow of a doubt, it has to be Agnès b Café L.P.G. There is something about this place that is so captivating that I cannot piece together with words. Maybe with the help of some pictures, I will be able to drive my point across.

Agnès b Café L.P.G

The store front exudes a very 1960s classic taste while the rattan chairs and marble tables add a tinge of nostalgia in the atmosphere.

Interior, well lit. Classy.

The same can be said of the interior. Classic.

Designs aplenty

The chocolates came in many different designs. Probably about 10 of them. Nope, we didn’t touch them. The price was way too exorbitant.


Cookies in classy tin containers with the signature Agnès b lettering in gold were a common sight in the café.

Salmon baguette

We were overwhelmed by the vast amount of food on offer. After much deliberation E and I settled on a Quiche and a Salmon Baguette. The Quiche was flaky on the outside and savoury moist on the inside. The filling of custard, meat and vegetables was baked to satisfaction. Nice!

The baguette was slightly tough but the salmon, which was wonderful, salvaged the whole experience from a potential disaster.

Cappuccino and Hot chocolate

The highlight of the day was having a cup of Cappuccino and Hot chocolate. The Cappuccino was creamy and aromatic while the Hot chocolate was smooth and the marshmallow bits melted in your mouth with every sip. We had the beverages in a cool weather and the experience was beyond cloud 9.

Great place, good food, enjoyable time.

Unfortunately, Agnès b Café L.P.G can only be found in, to my knowledge, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Me, being a dweller in Singapore can only reminisce about the short but great visit to the café. Starbucks? What Starbucks?

Agnès b Café L.P.G is at

14 Nanjing Road West, Taipei City (Shinkong Mitsukoshi Building 2)

Tel: 02-2571-5269

Operating hours:

Sundays to Thursdays: 11:00 to 21:30

Fridays to Saturdays: 11:00 to 22:00


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