Learning something new is exciting. Learning to shoot with a new form of camera is ants in the pants exciting. I recently got my hands on a spanking new Diana F+ Black Jack after I was intrigued by the kind of photos that it will produce. That being said, lomography is a hit and miss kind of art form. Digital cameras have made me to become too reliant on technology and this transition to an analog camera has been a fish out of water experience. Well, it cannot be that bad after all, as this form of photography makes me think before I capture. I am on FILM mind you!

The first set of pictures turned out terrible. There were lots of overlaps due to inaccurate winding. But I was undeterred. Just yesterday I loaded a fresh roll of film, propped Diana onto my tripod and went for some night shooting in the neighbourhood. Again, results were varied but there was improvement this time around.

The conversion process was excruciatingly inconvenient. I do not have a scanner so I had to shoot the negatives against white light (my LCD screen) with a DSLR and then invert the photos back to positives in photoshop. Pathetic but the whole conversion process popped up a few pleasant surprises. Nice.

Here are some of the pictures.

Furniture Shop
Overhead bridge
Car streaks
Festive lights

Stay tuned for more!


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