Peperoni Pizzeria

If there is another Holland Village, albeit a smaller scale one in Singapore, it has to be situated at Greenwood Avenue. Pubs, restaurants and coffee places litter this small and sleepy neighbourhood. A good place to wind down to a good meal after a hard day’s work.

Peperoni Pizzeria (Hillcrest), as the name suggests, is famous for its pizzas. But no, I am not doing a review on pizzas but rather their “not-so-famous-but-just as-delicious” pastas.

Italian flair

We chose to dine indoors as the weather was hot hot hot. The place had a warm glow to it which made it very cosy. There is also an option to dine alfresco which I presume would be fantastic.


E’s Carbonara ($22.00) came with generous bacon strips and was lightly creamed. The experience was great until halfway through the dish, we thought even the reduced cream was too overwhelming for us and we kind of got sick of it.


The Amatriciana ($22.00) actually compliments the Carbonara very well. The tomato sauce revealed a hint of tangy-ness which was fantastic and the onions were fresh and crunchy.

On the whole, the food was generally good but the cost was slightly steep. Oh well, who am I kidding? I am at Greenwood Avenue.

Peperoni Pizzeria is at:

6 Greenwood Avenue (Hillcrest Park)

Tel: +65 6465 6556

Opening Hours:

Daily: 12noon – 12mn


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