Withdrawal symptoms are things that should never be taken lightly. As recent as a week ago, we were combing the streets of busy Taipei for food that was cheap and so delicious that we ran out of superlatives to describe them. Deprived of good food, both of us came to an unspoken consensus that the highly rated Hummerstons might just be the silver lining that could reinvigorate our taste buds.

Hot weather, evacuate inside please

Hummerstons has a pleasant inside but the same cannot be said of the food that was served.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict ($16.00) has become a staple brunch item for us but the one dished out here was below average. The Hollandaise sauce was a tad too sour and the bacon, dry.

Hummerston's Breakfast

I didn’t know what I was thinking when I ordered Hummerstons’ Breakfast ($22.00) for it was largely similar to Eggs Benedict just that it came with sausages, larger toast and a choice of how you wanted your eggs to be prepared. I chose my eggs to be poached(the others being scrambled and sunny side up) and regretted the decision. The sausage was tough and too salty for our liking and the toast wasn’t crispy at all. Instead, it was rather flaccid. The only saving grace were the mushrooms that were juicy fantastic.

I have read rather good reviews of this restaurant but I do not share the same sentiment. Maybe, just maybe I had missed out on something. Tell me!

Hummerstons is at

11 Unity Street, #02-14 Robertson Walk

Tel: +65 6737 8863

Opening Hours:


 12pm – 4pm (Lunch) 


 6pm – 12am (Dinner) 

Sat–Sun & PH:

 10am – 4pm (Brunch) 


 2pm – 5pm (Afternoon Tea) 
(Closed on Mon)

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