Group Therapy Cafe

Brunch is the recent craze that seems to hit us. The humid after-rain conditions did not dampen our enthusiasm but my poor directional sense almost got us into trouble.

Puts you at ease.

Group Therapy Cafe is nicely hidden in the midst of shophouses along the quiet Duxton Road. I have always liked the concept of utilizing natural light as a source of illumination and this cafe seemed to have done so perfectly.

There was a raucous crowd when we first entered. Thankfully, they left after sometime which made the whole dining experience easily one of the best brunches I have had so far. E concurs.

rich and creamy, thick and foamy

E had Poached Eggs ($12) which came with thick toast and salmon decked with rich and creamy hollandaise. Magnificent. Caramel Cappuccino was creamy, thick and foamy.

I had Croque Madame ($17). In short, this was good but not fantastic. Poaced Eggs? Anytime…

In essence, Group Therapy Cafe is a fine place sans the intimidating crowd. They serve a generous portion and the price is rather reasonable. Your typical lazy Sunday afternoon kinda meal.

Group Therapy Cafe is at 49 Duxton Road


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